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About the Lake Arrowhead Villas Area of Lake Arrowhead, California

The Arrowhead Villas is a historic area of the San Bernardino Mountains, full of history and intriguing stories.

Some of Bugsy Siegel's old haunts are here, as well as some of the mountain's most historic buildings. Real estate in the Arrowhead Villas is typically more affordable than in the nearby Arrowhead Woods.


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lake arrowhead.Brief History of Lake Arrowhead
After the Arrowhead Reservoir Company completed the Lake Arrowhead Dam in 1908, and, in the face of multiple lawsuits, this company sold Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding property to the Arrowhead Lake Company.

This company had plans to use this land and area to cater to holiday travelers and vacationers. A geographical area around Lake Arrowhead came together as the "Arrowhead Woods." Properties in this area would have "lake rights" to use the lake.

Formation of Arrowhead Villas
Shortly after the introduction of "lake rights" came the arrowhead villas walkway.formation of the Arrowhead Villas. The Villas was comprised of homes being built on the hilly area of the southern side of the lake.

The Villas were officially formed in 1925. At that time, this area enjoyed restaurants, entertainment and skiing! Skiing was by way o9f the "Sky Run" that ran between the Lake Arrowhead Villas and the lake.

The Villas Today and Real Estate
Today the Villas is a unique and historic area of the mountain. Bugsy Siegel's old haunts are there, along with the original ski lodge which has been converted into a home.

Real estate in the Villas enjoys proximity to Highway 18 and to the Arrowhead Woods. Home prices in the Villas are also historically lower than in the Lake Arrowhead Woods.

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