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20 Genius Ways to Add Value to Your Kitchen, On Budget, and Without A Remodel!!

Which room is the one that traditionally makes or breaks a deal when you go to sell? The kitchen. Many experts agree that it’s not always practical to remodel a kitchen, but you can benefit in the long run if you spend time on minor improvements and general sprucing up. A little creativity, some elbow grease, and these valuable ideas will go along way!

1. Consider painting your cabinets if they are in need of a full overhaul. A fresh coat of paint doesn't cost much in time or money, and, nothing changes the look of a kitchen faster!

2. If you don’t want the hard work that goes into total repainting, consider removing a cupboard door to make a display cabinet. Or, you can cut out the middle of the doors, leaving a two-inch space all around. Staple fabric panels to the backs of the doors. Cover the staples with fabric trim glued with a hot glue gun.

3. To give your cabinets a special flair, use three different stains. Use one lighter stain on the upper cabinets, one slightly darker on the drawers and an even darker one on the bottom cabinets.

4. Update your cabinets with special memories. Attach frames painted or stained to match the cabinets to the front of each door. Fill the frames with family photos or your children’s artwork. Add themed décor to the kitchen, a great way to add pizzaz.

5. One of the simplest ways to add flavor to your kitchen is to install new cabinet hardware. A popular shape is long and rectangular rather than simply round and traditional. If you do opt for round hardware, go for an option with a design.

6. Let molding add some flair. Panel or picture molding redefines the flat doors and drawers while elaborate crown molding, placed where cabinets meet the ceiling, creates a classic look, sure to draw attention.

7. Expand space with drawer organizers.

8. Take out a few drawers and insert low baskets in their place.

9. Use a bead-board to update your backsplash. Have your local home improvement store cut it to length and attach with nails or adhesives.

10. Pick up inexpensive plate hangers from the hardware store and hang the saucers from your good china around the backsplash, or as a border.

11. Dress up your windows. Terry cloth tea towel café curtains are quick and easy to make and they will help to give your kitchen a new look. Also consider wood blinds and Roman shades to add style.

12. Just adding one or two accessories or reorganization of some you already have will make a change in your kitchen.

13. Mend leaky faucets and remove stains from the kitchen counter and sink.

14. Get rid of old appliances. Many people are going for the heavy-duty, modern, efficient look of stainless steel.

15. Get a double-basin sink to make separating and cleaning dishes and pots quick and easy.

16. Pullout sink faucets are easy to use; provide greater flexibility when cleaning large pots, and make sink cleaning a breeze.

17. Use bottom basin racks, wire rinse baskets, cutting boards and colanders to keep everything you need at your fingertips.

18. Consider changing the tiles of your kitchen floor and walls.

19. The proper lighting in your kitchen can make it or break it. A popular choice is track lighting.

20. Grow plants from seed on your windowsills. Even grass seed has become very vogue.

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