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How To Attract Birds To Your Yard


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How To Attract Birds With Landscaping

It’s a pleasure to have birds in the landscape, and with careful planning, it is possible for your backyard to be a magnet for these feathered creatures, providing you with many obvious benefits, and with some that may not be so easy to see. By inviting bird populations into your yard, you encourage biodiversity, and you help soil conservation since the landscape plants that birds like, such as trees, shrubs and some flowers, actually help retain soil. Here’s how to attract birds:

1. Birdhouses: found at nurseries, home improvement and discount stores and flea markets, this is probably one of the easiest accessories to add. They can be simple square wooden boxes to elaborately detailed versions; you might even try your hand at making your own. If you live in or own a mountain cabin, you might consider having a log birdhouse made to match yours! If you’re hoping for your birdhouse to take on tenants, make sure to check dimensions, as different species of bird prefer certain sizes.

2. A safe environment: thick trees, grasses and shrubs hide birds from enemies and protect their young. These trees and shrubs can also protect them from the elements. Even tall ornamental grass can be used as a refuge from inclement weather. Evergreens like pine, fir or hollies provide dense cover throughout the year, while deciduous trees are welcome protection in the warmer months. If you have a home in the mountains and have birds, make sure that the birdhouses are high enough off the ground to protect the birds from the predators.

3. Provide the right food: what you want more than anything is to become known as a reliable feeding spot. Different species prefer different foods so in addition to planting different types of berries and fruit, provide an assortment of seeds and other natural sources of nourishment to attract the greatest variety of birds.

4. Bird baths: water attracts more bird species than a box or feeder. However, be careful with the depth of the water. Small birds can drown in even three inches of water. Also, the water must always be clean. Remember birds drink, bathe and defecate at a bath. Clean out the bath daily with a hose and once a week wash it with hot soapy water.

5. Squirrel management: thanks to technology and some inspired inventors, feeders are designed specifically to stop squirrels in their tracks. Electric shock may sound extreme, but some feeders are “wired” just enough to deter squirrels.

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