Lake Arrowhead Water.
Water Rights and Lake Arrowhead

On March 24, 2003, Theodore Heyck filed a Water Rights Complaint against the District with the State Water Resources Control Board (State Board). On April 19, 2003, the Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA) filed a Water Rights Complaint against the District with the State Board. On February 10, 2004 a Draft Report was issued by the State Board and shortly after ALA joined the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District and the two agencies worked cooperatively together to submit additional evidence for the State Board's review. The State Board rendered a Staff Decision, dated August 1, 2005, regarding the Water Rights Complaints which:

* Concluded that the District did not have the right to draw water from Lake Arrowhead
* Imposed penalties for continuing to draw water from the Lake
* Created a building moratorium within the Arrowhead Woods area...


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Lake Arrowhead Community Pre-1914 Water Rights Upheld
State Board Releases Order- (From the Mountain News)

Members of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) voted 3-0 last Friday to adopt a revised cease and desist order involving Lake Arrowhead Community Service District's (LACSD) draw on Lake Arrowhead.

“The district is now looking at ways we can move forward,” stated LACSD President Mary Ann Dickinson, “and how we can comply with the order.”

Dickinson explained the SWRCB order, which was still being finalized during last Friday's hearing, will hopefully be released by the state in the next few days.

Basically, the order takes corrective action to ensure LACSD doesn't withdraw more water for consumptive purposes from Lake Arrowhead and its source, Little Bear Creek, than its pre-1914 water right provides.

SWRCB, in addition to establishing the allowable draw at 1,566-acre feet, also assessed an administrative liability against LACSD in the amount of $112,000....Read Entire Article

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