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Fun and Interesting Tips and Facts about the Lake Arrowhead and Surrounding Mountain Communities

The San Bernardino Mountain communities boast some of natures most stunning scenery, and, some of the most interesting history and facts in this area.

From Native American communities that occupied this area back in the 1500's to the rise of the popular sport of Geocaching, this area is both unique and fun!

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Interesting Facts about Lake Arrowhead & the Surrounding Communities
  • This area is one of the few places in Southern California where you can actually find real log homes (while many are newer, you can still find some off the beaten path that were built in the 1800's!)

  • When Lake Arrowhead is at it's "full" point, there is approximately 47,760 acre feet of water in it at 5106.7 feet elevation (ALA datum).

  • While known for the nearby winter snow resorts and water skiing in the Summers, the Lake Arrowhead area is home to a number of equestrian real estate properties.

  • The Running Springs area is famous for a special place...the Daffodil Gardens. People come from all over the country to see the numerous hillsides covered with these gorgeous flowers. It is also a popular spot to take family, engagement and wedding photos.

  • The Lake Arrowhead of the 1920's was very popular with Hollywood and became a regular spot to film movies...especially Westerns!

  • This area traces it's origins back to the 1500's when several Native American communities occupied the area. You can still find their matates (stones used for grinding) on several hikes in the area.

  • The fun and adventurous sport of Geocaching has become popular in the mountain area. Similar to a hike/treasure hunt, this newer activity can be done in many areas on the mountain.

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